SWANCA Biomaterials Ltd. is a renewable biomaterials initiative. Our mission is to produce bio-plastics from renewable resources.

We aim to empower plastic industry to reduce ecological footprint by production of bio-plastics from renewable biomaterials.

Renewability and Recyclability  are the mantra in making sustainability pay for the industry.

Our renewablity mantra includes 3E's, Environment, Economy and Equity (Society).

Economy, Environment and Equity (Three E’s ) of Sustainability matrix  is driving Innovation in Plastics Industry than any other segments.








Latest news

  • NDA Agreement with UMN
    NDA Agreement with UMN

    SWANCA entered to a Non-Disclosure Agreement with University of Minnesota for a collaborative research on development of bio-based plastics from lignin.

Meet our Team

  • Adel Partovi

    Adel Partovi has founded multiple businesses and partnerships over the years in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Canada. He has over fourteen years of experience in both owning and managing small businesses, including eight years of international consulting experience in a variety of industries, such as importing /exporting, manufacturing, chemicals, energy and environment.

  • Dr. Murali Reddy

    Dr. M.M. Reddy is accomplished, self-driven, technology transfer & research scientist with successful track record in chemical engineering, bio-products and polymer processing industries and academia in Canada, Australia and India. He has six years experience in R&D Management and New Product Development and successfully commercialized new product for North-American market.

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